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Cutting by water and laser

Often you need to cut pieces that, because of the material or shape, are not easy to make with traditional methods. With the waterjet technology of water cutting, neither the type of material nor the shape, nor in many cases the thickness of the piece are impediments so that it can be cut with quality. From a single piece to large series, the agility of the water cutting system adapts to your needs, giving in each moment what your production requires. Our water cutting service includes the great majority of materials both for one piece and for series as well as for variable quality finishes.


We offer you the possibility of using our raw materials or you can bring us the material you want to apply this technique.



Water cutting systems are based on ultra-high pressure water technology, which projects water at speeds that can reach three times the speed of sound, and with pressures up to 4100 bar.


Its advantages are:

- It is the most versatile cutting system in the current market, since it covers all the range of materials and thicknesses.

- The cutting temperature is low, thus avoiding thermal alterations and residual stresses.

- Make a clean cut that does not generate harmful atmospheres and does not require subsequent finishing tasks.

- The cut surface does not crack or bend.

- The loss of materials is minimal, achieving optimum performance of the raw material.

- Achieves very strict tolerances (diameter of the water jet from 0.1 to 1.1 mm).

In LLUIS CREUS S.L. we have been working leather for 145 years, and at the moment we are the only industrial leather handlers in Catalonia. The tradition of manual leatherworking has been maintained, and in the long manufacturing process, in many aspects still artisanal, there are many years of experience.


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