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The mechanical packings made of leather, tanned with chrome or tannin, being made of completely natural material, have a series of advantages over those made in other materials. The individual fibers, each formed by groups of small fibers or filaments interlaced in a casual manner, make the skin inherently strong, foldable and highly resistant to abrasion and wear.



They have a low coefficient of friction:

they generate little heat when they are used, and as a consequence a high efficiency and long duration are obtained. Due to their fibrous structure they create a film in the pressure medium, which in most cases acts as a lubricant and further reduces the coefficient of friction. It does not require a relatively high pressure to overcome the inertia. They work smoothly and do not cause noise at low pressure and slow speeds.


They do not flow easily:

by the arrangement of its fibers intertwined with freedom, the leather has an inherent tensile strength and great hardness. The packings can withstand very high pressures with minimal loss.


They do not scratch and are anti-abrasive, and at the same time tend to be polished on the metal parts where they work.


They allow greater tolerances of the metal:

Due to its high tensile strength and cold flow, greater metal tolerances can be used than with other materials. They reduce losses to a minimum and their use allows to maintain pressures for relatively long periods.


Acts at low temperatures:

The skin is not affected by temperatures below 0 degrees, and its use is pure routine at 50ºC below zero.


Suitable for a wide range of pressures:

molded in various formats, they can be used for both delicate low pressure regulators and for heavy hydraulic applications.


Low initial cost:

for its long duration and relative mold simplicity.


They can be stored indefinitely:

They are not affected by oxidation or sunlight.


Adaptable to different types of services


collars, glasses, hats, angular ...



for joints of pumps and hydraulic presses

In LLUIS CREUS S.L. we have been working leather for 145 years, and at the moment we are the only industrial leather handlers in Catalonia. The tradition of manual leatherworking has been maintained, and in the long manufacturing process, in many aspects still artisanal, there are many years of experience.


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