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Protection elements for machinery.

We protect people and avoid wear and tear on machines.


The bellows are the best designed elements to protect the moving parts

of the machine.


They protect both from external aggression (oils, taladrinas, chips, dust, heat, corrosive elements, etc.) and protect people to avoid accidents

or damages.


We design a specific protection for each situation, and we adapt to

the needs generated by our customers.


We do not have standard bellows stored, since we manufacture them completely to measure. Each machine and each project are different, and can not be standardized. Our bellows adapts to YOUR machine, and not the other way around.


In LLUIS CREUS S.L. we have been working leather for 141 years, and at the moment we are the only industrial leather handlers in Catalonia. The tradition of manual leatherworking has been maintained, and in the long manufacturing process, in many aspects still artisanal, there are many years of experience.


C/ Manuel Fernández Márquez, 50

08918 Badalona


93 225 29 67

Fax. 93 225 43 19

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